Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis
Lead vocals all songs, electric guitar in Joey, On The Outside Looking In and Rock Star, harmonies in I Left You Petals mid section.

Steve Dawson
Electric guitar all songs. Solos in All Here and Rock Star. Acoustic guitar in Joey, Petals, All Here, and On The Outside Looking In.

Tommy Milmore
Electric guitar fills and solos in Slut and Joey. Fills in On The Outside Looking In.

Sean Koos
Bass all songs, Hammond B3 Organ and Steinway Grand Piano in On The Outside Looking In.

Thommy Price
Drums all songs.

Marlene Tholl
Background vocals all songs.

Chris Cunningham
Mandolin in I Left You Petals.

Robert Ross
Harmonica in Rock Star.

Kevin Crouse
Tambourine in On The Outside Looking In.

Produced by Lisa Ellis
Additional Production by Vinnie Miranda
Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Crouse
Additional Tracking-Sean Coffey, Tim Conklin and Mike Cyr
Assistants-Dick Kodas, Ken Dunlop, Tom McMahon and Partrick Derivas
Recorded at various studios in NYC
Mixed at Sorcerer Sound
Mastered by Lance Massey
CD cover and label photos by Ayca Kobanbay
CD cover and label design by Roger HInes

Web Page-Milton Jones

Love and Thanks to Jovita Ellis and in alphabetical order:
Greta Brinkman, Dennis Bell, Benzona, Vera Beren, Steve Bodi, Gena Brower, Patrick Callen, Kevin Crouse, Chris Cunningham,
Steve Dawson, Gina Ellis, Nick Ellis, Maya Goretsky, Christopher Hines, Roger Hines, Milton Jones, Richard Kessler, Ayca Kobanbay,
Sean Koos, Philippe Marcade, Lance Massey, Tommy Milmore, Vinnie Miranda, New Voices Of Freedom, Thommy Price,
Edward Rabinowitz, Arlene Randazzo, Simeon Rose, Robert Ross, Marlene Tholl, Herbie Tribino,
Lez Warner, Chris Whent, Mark White, Rudy Zamora
and every musician who has ever played a note with me.

This recording is dedicated to my mother Jovita.

Maria Alicea and Maria Randazzo will never be forgotten.

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